[Tutorial] Image with a Transparent Background

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[Tutorial] Image with a Transparent Background

Post by Fulcon on Wed Dec 03, 2008 9:12 am

Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a transparent background

Making the Selection

You will need to get the background out of the picture. If you background is one color, the process can be very easy. Use the magic wand tool, select the background:

You can then feather if you wish and hit the delete key:

You should see a checkered board background... The checker board background means it is transparent.

However, if your background is not one color or the background is very similar in color to the object you wish to keep, use a vector mask or use a Filter.

Saving your Image

The type of file you choose to save it as, makes a difference. GIF and PNG allows for transparencies. JPG does not.

In photoshop, I usually use the "save for web & devices" option located in the file menu (the hot key is Shift Ctrl Alt S at the same time):

I make sure PNG is selected in the presets drop down:

Hit Save:

Your image should no longer have a background. Razz

Thus the Final image Looks like this after saving geek

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