Acumen ‘09[Event Has Ended]

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Acumen ‘09[Event Has Ended]

Post by mahez_xebec on Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:41 am

Acumen ‘09 - ECE - Vasavi College Of Engineering,Hyderabad

Department of ECE, Vasavi College of Engineering

If you had one opportunity, one moment, to seize everything you ever wanted. Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then Acumen 09-ECE is
where you ought to be, which is proudly presented by the Dept. of ECE,
Vasavi College of Engineering. This technical extravaganza not only
provides a platform for the participants to showcase their talents, but
also promises to acknowledge and accredit the technical innovation and
acumen of the techie neophytes. And yet promises to be avant-garde,
unlike its earthbound similitude’s. From paper presentations to
technical quiz to circuitrix to robotics, Acumen 09-ECE boasts of
events with immaculate organization.

So, now you know the
scale we are talking about. You have to be here to experience what we
are talking about. Whether you are an upcoming techie, or a
professional or a well versed academician, Acumen 09-ECE promises to be
a milestone in the making.
So come and be a part of this festivity of technology and adventure into domains unknown

March 05,06,07
Events include:

1.Paper Presentation

List of Topics:

Ø Embedded Systems / VLSI

Ø Communications: RF, Wireless, Mobile

Ø Real Time Systems

Ø Image, Speech and video processing

Ø Automation and Control systems

Ø Nanotechnology



For more information contact

Paper Presentation:

Last date for submission of papers : Mar 02

Intimation of selected papers : Mar 03

Finals : Mar 05,06

Robotics : Mar 05,06,07
Circutrix and Quizzine : Mar 05,06
Technology based GD : Mar 05,06,07

More information can be had from:

Kalyan Ram : 919703332265
Sri Harsha : 919703142926
Teja : 919491882217
Aravind : 919989190205

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