Asymptote 09[Symposium is Over]

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Asymptote 09[Symposium is Over]

Post by Fulcon on Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:21 pm

Asymptote 09
Event Name:Asymptote '09
College:Madras Institute of Technology
Site Url:
Event Date(s):9-11 jan 2009
Event Details

* Edoc
* Code AI
* Debugging
* Web designing
* Code IT
* Crack the window
* Tech Quiz

Circuit events:

* Mirage/Oasis
* D’u C wat I C
* eJAM
* Alternate logic
* SimMit

Mechanical events:

* CAD Modeling
* Industry defined problem
* Clay Modeling
* Car Sketching
* Drag race
* Bottle rocketry
* Exegesis
* Conundrum
* Article presentation
* Poster presentation
* Paradigm

Management events:

* One Min management
* Advertise
* Mr/Ms Sales – Pro
* B- Quiz
* Unsung glory

General and Fun events:

* Thesis presentation
* Dis(as)semble
* Gaming
* Type writing race
* Puzzled
* Contraptions

Mega events:

* Robotics
* Open quiz
* Pentathlon

Online events:

* Dextera
* Programming
Code Hunt

About Event:

From something as trivial and mundane as reinventing the razor, to the more recent billion dollar project of our first unmanned mission to the moon - technology is everywhere we looked and sometimes in places where we haven't looked, waiting to be found. Etymologically speaking, Technology is a term with origins in the Greek "technologia", "techne" ("craft") and "logia" ("saying"), and hence, making technology a craft.

A craft that cannot be taught. But one that can be nutured and honed. It is with this vision, that we, the students of the Madras Institute of Technology, get together to celebrate the rare genius of its founder. It is with this same vision that we join hands to create the most elaborate of platforms to revel in the wonder that is technology. To encompass the vast realm that technology and the management required to introduce it to the world, we chose "Asymptote" to represent us- the line that meets a curve at infinity. Infinity that we intend to bring closer.

A very brilliantly selected list of absolutely new events, workshops and guest lectures - this is where you will want to be from the 9th to the 11th of January 2009. Asymptote, is all set to re-write the future in style.

Promising to provide you with three days of absolute excitement, intellectually stimulating challenges and one of the most satisfying experiences of your lives- we welcome you to Asymptote '09- "Tech tends to Infinity".

Gokul : 91-9751508008
M. Indira Priyadarshini : 91-9884558035


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