Attack on the Pentagon using thumbdrives!

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Attack on the Pentagon using thumbdrives!

Post by radeeyjd on Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:31 am

Attack on the Pentagon using thumbdrives!

So there is a new virus that is in the pentagon’s system called agent.btz. It is a worm that’s purpose has not been defined. It could have been a worm to steal military secrets, banking information, or to just possibly mess with the Pentagon network for giggles. Because of the worm the military has temporarily banned the use of memory cards, USB drives, and other portable storage devices. This makes it harder for information to be shared and soldiers to communicate with there family. Whoever designed the virus is definitely working with people on the higher end of the the government with the news even reaching as high as George Bush

This is a “worm”, meaning that it replicates itself. If you have it
on, say, the memory card of a digital camera it will infect any
computer to which you upload photos. It will then infect any other
portable memory plugged into that computer (the cyber-equivalent, one
might say, of a sexually transmitted disease). On any computer hooked
up to the internet, this variant tries to download more nasty stuff:
in this case two programs that access the hard-drive. Was it a humdrum
crime of trying to steal banking details? Or something more serious?
The trail has gone cold.

In any case, the malicious software (malware in the jargon)
penetrated at least one classified computer network. The problem was
severe enough for Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the joint
chiefs of staff, to brief George Bush on it. Officials are saying
little more than that.

Kimberly Zenz, an expert on cyberwarfare at VeriSign iDefense, a
computer security company that is investigating the attack, notes that
it is not clear that agent.btz was designed specifically to target
military networks, or indeed that it comes from either Russia or China
(two countries known to have state-sponsored cyberwarfare programmes
that regularly target American government computer networks). pirat pirat pirat pirat pirat pirat

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